If your book doesn’t support Enhanced Typesetting, Kindle Previewer will generate a MOBI file that you can side load to devices to preview your book. Q18. How do we use Kindle Previewer as a command-line tool?A6.   'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+'://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). First, download and install Kindle Previewer 3. Q11. When Enhanced Typesetting is enabled for your book, you will see "Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled" on that book’s detail page. Q2. You can’t side load your books with Enhanced Typesetting. You can watch our video here to see Page Flip in action. Support for .doc and .docx is limited to English language content. You may refer the user guide from Menu > Help > Kindle Previewer 3 User Guide for more instructions. Q24. • The eBook was created using an old version of Word (Example: Microsoft Word 97 or before). This is due to an update to Mac OS X, to warn users when they run a 32-bit application. Preview and validate books faster with Kindle Previewer. Is this a problem? Q5. A16. If there are no tables in your book, you will not see an option to navigate by tables. Q2. I get a warning with the message "App is not optimized for your Mac" when I launch Kindle Previewer 3 on my Apple computer. A20. If your book supports Enhanced Typesetting, Kindle Previewer generates a KPF file. Enhanced Typesetting provides a series of typographical and layout features that enable a better reading experience with less strain on the eyes. • Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Minimum 1.5 GB; For fixed-layout books, given there is no reflow, the content you see in a specific location will match across devices of different sizes and on Kindle Previewer. You can use .mobi format for testing on Kindle E-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle for Android apps. A9. Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? A4. Kindle Previewer 3 user interface is now available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch languages. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. 外国製のソフト(アプリ)のためか、PCの環境によってエラーが出るとの報告があります。稀にファイル名が日本名だとうまく読み込めないようで、その場合 ファイル名を英語表記にすると、Kindle Previewerに読みこめる様になり、ファイル形式も「.MOBI」に変換されます。 KindleでePubやPDFファ … • The file name contains non-ASCII characters. Some of these improvements include higher quality images, better table formatting and font alignments, smoother word spacing, hyphenation, kerning and ligatures. http://windows.microsoft.com/ja-jp/internet-explorer/download-ie, 賞金30万円!アマゾンとよしもと主催の『原作開発プロジェクト』コンテストへ応募しよう, アマゾンKDPセレクトの規約違反をした場合、出版した電子書籍はどうなってしまうのか?, Kindle for Samsungのプロモーション内容が素晴らしいのでそのご紹介, KDPでまたまた新しい機能が実装されていたのでご紹介|KDP Pricing Support(Beta), 【復旧済み】現在、アマゾンKindle販売ページが表示されない事象が発生しております|A notice to our users, KDP米国の源泉徴収の免除についてご案内:※ほとんどの場合、免税処理は必要なくなりました。, サイトの利用中に問題がある場合、別のブラウザーを使い出版を試みることをお勧めさせていただいております。, Mozilla FirefoxがKDPサイトの操作には最適でございますので、お手数ですが、こちらの利用をお試しいただけないでしょうか。, また、お使いのパソコンを変えて試みることをお勧めさせていただいております。弊社のサイト利用に際しては、ご利用のシステム環境をご確認ください。推奨環境以外でご利用いただいている場合は、推奨環境でのご利用をお願いいたします。, 推奨環境 オペレーティングシステム:Windows 7、Windows XP(SP2かそれ以降)、Windows Vista、MacOS X. What is Enhanced Typesetting? Although Amazon does not contact all users who provide feedback, signing in allows us to contact you if we need additional information to address your feedback. If you are using Kindle Create or Kindle Add-in for Microsoft Word, you can use the inbuilt previewer to see how your book will look for Kindle customers. No. • Which Fire Tablet do I have? • Separate navigation pane for quicker page navigation. Enhanced typesetting is enabled on the following Kindle devices and applications. For both Mac and Windows PC, we recommend that the computer you use to run the Kindle Previewer meets or exceeds the following requirements: To view the conversion log for a book that is currently open, click menu on the top left and select View > Conversion Log. You may export your book by clicking menu on the top left, selecting File > Export and then choosing the desired file format. If that is the case, although the content is not visible on Kindle Previewer, when the book is rendered on a Kindle app or Kindle device, it will be displayed properly. Kindle Previewer 3 supports books in Afrikaans, Alsatian, Arabic, Basque, Bokmal Norwegian, Breton, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Cornish, Corsican, Danish, Dutch, Eastern Frisian, English, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Luxembourgish, Manx, Northern Frisian, Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian, Portuguese, Provencal, Romansh, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, and the Indian languages Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi. The Kindle E-reader device mode does not support preview of books in the older generation Mobi 7 format. Kindle Previewer is a free desktop application that enables authors, publishers and eBook service providers to preview how their books will appear when delivered to Kindle customers, and makes it easy to audit books for different screen sizes, display orientations and font sizes. For example, as you change the font size on a device, the text you see in a given page might flow in to the next page. The ‘Navigate by’ feature is only available for books that support Enhanced Typesetting. Launch the application, use Menu > Open Book and follow the instructions to open, convert and preview a book. Q1. Please download the latest 64-bit version of Kindle Previewer for Mac OS X from the ‘Downloads’ section on this page to avoid these warnings. Preview how your book will look on different screen sizes, font sizes and orientations. Yes. • Reflects the layout of the book as delivered to Kindle customers with the latest Enhanced Typesetting features. • Kindle for Android v4.18.0 or newer (Android Versions: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat) We recommend you use the latest Kindle Previewer 3 to review how your books look as a best practice while formatting and before publishing.   2019/02/07, KDPシステムには、WEBブラウザ上で電子書籍のプレビューができる、便利な『シンプルプレビューツール』があります。, このツールを使うと、わざわざ自分のパソコンにプレビューツールをダウンロードする必要が無く、KDPのシステム管理画面上で電子書籍を確認できるため、とても便利です。, ※こちらの画面で、ページをめくったり、フォントサイズを変更したり、閲覧端末(Kindle Fire、Kindle Fire HD、Kindle FireHD 8,9、Kindle PaperWhiteの4種類)を変更したりと、いろいろな操作がブラウザ上でできます。, しかし、シンプルプレビューツールで、実際に電子書籍の出来(でき)を確認するときに、うまくプレビューができないことがあります。, そこで、ここでは、シンプルプレビューツールが利用できない場合の解決策についてご案内させていただきます。, 私が、以前、実際にアマゾンに質問したところ、プレビューができない理由として、以下の回答をいただきました。, Kindle ダイレクト・パブリッシングにお問い合わせいただき、ありがとうございます。 Kindle Comic Creatorで電子書籍を作ったのですがwebを探してもわかりやすい記事がなくとってもとっても難儀しました(目次とか目次とか目次が)ですのでこの記事は・そもそも目次がわけわからん!HTML?日本語で話せ!!・全ページ目次になるわ文字化けするわでもう! A3. • Full-page previews without having to scroll. The new features and improvements in Kindle Previewer 3 are: Q19. You can send your feedback by going to Menu > Help > Send Feedback. What are the new features and improvements in Kindle Previewer 3? Q16. • Fire tablets – 3rd Generation (Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX 7”, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9”), 4th Generation (Fire HD 6, Fire HD 7, Fire HDX 8.9), 5th Generation (Fire, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10), 6th Generation (Fire HD 8), 7th Generation (Fire, Fire HD 8) • The eBook is in a language other than English. I am unable to preview my eBook in Word format. To find out the generation of your Kindle E-reader and Fire tablet, you can head to the following links: Meanwhile, we continue to expand the capabilities of Enhanced Typesetting and we will automatically enable it for your book on the store when possible. If your book supports Enhanced Typesetting, you can use the KPF file to open the book on Kindle Previewer’s graphical user interface without reconverting it. Some of the benefits include- Q12. 理由はわかりませんが、Kindle previewerのダウンロードには非常に時間がかかります。夜寝る前にダウンロードしておくと良いかと思います。 それで … What languages is Kindle Previewer 3 localized to? Kindle Previewer 3 comes with the latest feature updates, and shows a more accurate representation of how your book will look on Kindle devices and apps. A12. The command-line option in Kindle Previewer helps you validate multiple books for publishing errors. We are actively working to provide guidance so that you can ensure that your book supports Enhanced Typesetting. Kindle Previewer 3 opens eBooks in .epub, .mobi, .htm, .html, .xhtml, .mobi, .opf, .kpf, .doc and .docx formats. • Kindle for PC (v1.19 or later) Also, the options that you see under ‘Navigate by’ are populated depending on the content in your book. 本の制作中に、Kindle Previewer(Kindle プレビュア)で ePubから mobiに変換できない、あるいは、mobiからazkの変換に失敗することがあった。, 「Kindleプレビュアは本のコンパイルに失敗しました」、または「Kindleプレビュアは本の変換に失敗しました。」とエラーメッセージがでるだけで、なにが原因のエラーなのかわからない。, ひとつの原因として、元ファイルの場所と保存先をDropboxに指定していることが考えられる。データの保存場所を変えたところ、変換に失敗しなくなったことから。. You can get a bird’s-eye view of your book to quickly validate the overall layout, and selectively preview key aspects of your Enhanced Typesetting enabled book such as images, tables, dropcaps, links and lists without having to go through the entire book. If you have Kindle Previewer installed, run 'kindlepreviewer –help' in a command-line interface to see instructions. Some of the potential reasons could be:  2014/04/23 Q14. A Kindle book with Enhanced Typesetting looks and works the same way across devices of various platforms and adapts to the changing screen sizes. それが「DRM」付きのPDF書籍です。紙面の関係で詳しく説明はできませんが、下のリンクのアプリでPDFに付いているDRMを解除できるはずです。「試用版も」あります。ぜひあきらめずチャレンジしてください。. Kindle Previewerが、本のコンパイル・変換に失敗する原因について. Kindle Previewer では、タイプセッティングの改善に含まれる最新のタイポグラフィとレイアウト機能を使用した本の表示も確認できます。 KDP での電子出版を計画している場合は、オンライン プレビューアーを使用して、本が意図どおりに表示されるかを出版前に確認するという方法もあります。 If you are willing to be contacted about your feedback, you can sign in using the Amazon credentials you use to publish on Kindle by selecting Help > Sign In. In a reflowable book, the content adapts to different screen sizes and font sizes. • Faster text search, page navigation, and book re-open. Kindle previewerはAmazon公式サイトから無料でダウンロードできますので、mobiファイルを作る前にダウンロードしておいてください。 ⇒Kindle previewer. How do I find out how my book would look like on a particular device? Q20. Alternatively, you can send feedback by mailing us at kindle-publishing-tools@amazon.com. You can resolve this by installing the corresponding language pack from Language Control Panel on your Windows PC. It allows you to export your book as a .mobi file for testing on older devices and as .azk for testing on older iOS devices. You can, however, side load the Mobi file without Enhanced Typesetting. Q7. A8. What file formats does the Kindle Previewer 3 accept? For example, enter Ctrl+O to open a book; enter Ctrl+E to go to end of the book; enter Ctrl+T to open Table of Contents. Instead of navigating through the graphical user interface, can I use shortcut commands to operate Kindle Previewer 3? You can download Kindle Previewer 3 from here. What devices and applications can I validate using Kindle Previewer 3? 2014 All Rights Reserved. • Kindle E-readers - 6th Generation (Kindle Paperwhite), 7th Generation (Kindle, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite), 8th Generation (Kindle, Kindle Oasis) • Ability to change the fonts during preview. こちらの公式ページによると、Kindle Previewer 3 ... ネット副業おすすめ 2019.7.17 バーコードで簡単出品!メルカリで本・書籍を売る6つのコツ ネット副業おすすめ 2018.7.21 ブロガー必携!0.1g単位3kgまで重さをはかれる電子秤がおすすめ WordPressの使い方 2017.3.3 【超初心者向け】 WordPressブログの … A21. Kindle Previewer 3 allows you to preview your books using various form factors (Tablet, Phone, E-reader) so that you can easily find out about the experience.


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